Gorgeous Autumn Foliage & Garden 2018

by Nov 13, 2018Community News Blog

Autumn at The Waterways is fabulous for many reasons. Everyone loves dressing up for the Halloween party given in the clubhouse each year. And, soon after that, Nature puts on her big 40-acre show. Outdoor vistas at The Waterways Apartments are a special treat in the Fall. We have trees turning fall colors everywhere around the Property. View them in the woodland areas along the nature trail and throughout the landscaped areas.

Also, our extensive flower garden begins to show another whole palette of color! The roses are still hanging on. But, they are literally the “last roses of summer.”

Some residents really embrace this time of year and decorate their patios & balconies. Why not a festive outdoor place to hang-out & enjoy the views? Great idea!



Fall Garden Beauty

It’s at this time of year that we say good-bye to our flower garden and hello to gorgeous Fall foliage along The Waterways nature trail and throughout the Property. The garden may be waning, but it’s not leaving before putting on a spectacular show!

Cattails in the stream near one of The Waterways waterfalls look beautiful & peaceful in a photo below. Did you know the cattail flower symbolizes peace and it will give the recipient well wishes of prosperity?

In another of the photos below, you’ll see an ‘Oakleaf’ hydrangea, which has leaves like an oak tree even though it’s a bush. It’s leaves even turn red in the Fall just like its oak tree namesake. We also have some “last roses of summer” still looking beautiful. 

Festive Decorations

Now this resident really knows how to enjoy a beautiful Fall view! 

Festively decorated resident patios & balconies make living at The Waterways in the Fall even more festive!. Our residents really get into the Fall spirit around here–we love it! Do you have a favorite Fall pic of the Waterways?