Easter 2018 Party at the Waterways of Lake Saint Louis

Easter 2018 Party Was Sp-EGG-tacular

Easter 2018 Party at the Waterways of Lake Saint Louis was a sp-EGG-tacular success! The party was set up indoors at the clubhouse this year because rainy weather was expected. Waterways staff went all out to festively decorate the clubhouse lobby, lounge area, and the snack & beverage center. Cartoons played on a TV above the fireplace, further setting the scene for all the fun to come.

Sure, we have lots of parties in The Waterways Clubhouse, but this 6,000 square foot facility has many more services and recreational opportunities as well. Check it out.

Easter 2018 Party Games

The Pick-A-Duck game is popular every year. This year toy ducks floated in a pool indoors because of wet weather outside. Children chose a duck and looked for the number on the bottom. Participants won a prize that corresponded to the number on the duck they’d chosen. Waterways of Lake Saint Louis staff—tantalizingly—had the prizes displayed on a nearby table. Everyone was a winner and could immediately see what they’d won! Another fun activity was decorating eggs with colored chalk. Everyone had a great time showing off their creativity—seniors too! In addition, children decorated stickers to take home after the party.

Easter Bunny Makes One of His First Stops at The Waterways

Of course the Easter Bunny was back this year to party with us. Seniors, parents, and children had a great time posing for photos with The Bunny. We’ll post new photos as we get them until this Friday. Let us know if you have a photo to share!

2018 Easter Party Main Event: The Hunt

All the kids had a wonderful time hunting candy-filled eggs. Two children were special winners, however. One child was lucky enough (or skilled enough?) to find The Golden Egg. The other special winner found the only Silver Egg. Congratulations to our winning egg hunters!

About Easter Candy

After Halloween, Easter is the next biggest-selling candy holiday in America. One of the most popular sweet treats associated with this day are chocolate eggs. Chocolate eggs date back to early 19th century Europe. Eggs have long been associated with Easter as a symbol of new life. The jelly bean became associated with Easter in the 1930s. It’s possible the jelly bean’s origins date back to an ancient concoction called a Turkish Delight. The National Confectioners Association reports that over 16 billion jelly beans are made in the U.S. each year for Easter, which is enough to fill an egg measuring 60 feet wide and 89 feet high! Over the last ten years the top-selling non-chocolate Easter candy has been the marshmallow Peep™, which is a confection available in pastel colors. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based candy manufacturer Just Born (founded in 1923 by a Russian immigrant named Sam Born) began selling Peeps™ in the 1950s.

About the Famous Easter Parade

The Easter Parade tradition dates back to the mid-1800s, when New York City’s socialites would attend Easter services at various Fifth Avenue churches wearing fancy outfits and hats. Afterward they strolled the avenue showing off their finery. Regular citizens began showing up to check out the spectacle. The custom reached its peak in the mid-20th century. The custom spun off a popular movie in 1948 called Easter Parade. It starred Fred Astaire & Judy Garland and featured the music of Irving Berlin. Theme music included the lyrics: “In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it/You’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade.”

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