Easter 2019 Party

Easter Bunny & his (her?) secret helpers rushed to get almost a 1000 eggs hidden—including the much coveted & sought after GOLDEN EGGS and the JUMBO GOLDEN EGG—before the kids and their parents arrived. And then…the hunt was on!  Kids also enjoyed Kool-aid™, snacks, prizes, and an Easter piñata.

Easter 2019 Party Wrap-up

Don’t worry, the Easter Party Bunny will be back next year for another DROP-THE-MIC party with kids and parents at The Waterways of Lake Saint Louis Luxury Apartment Homes! Many thanks to the Staff for helping Bunny.

Easter Historical Facts

In 325 AD at the First Council of Nicaea, Roman Emperor Constantine I decreed that Easter must always be celebrated after the spring equinox. The date of Easter moves each year with the lunar calendar, breaking with the tradition of Easter occurring at the same time as Passover. The two holidays sometimes still align.

In the 13th Century, Lenten observers were encouraged to give up egg consumption. Eggs were then exchanged and eaten on Easter morning, at the conclusion of Lent.

In the 18th Century, the Easter bunny tradition was introduced by German immigrants in the U.S. The “Osterhase” brings brightly colored eggs to obedient children and lays them in nests, which were eventually replaced by baskets. Fast-reproducing rabbits and egg-laying birds represent fertility, and the renewed life of springtime.