Red is the color of welcome in flower gardens, so our garden at the The Waterways of Lake Saint Louis always has plenty of red flowers. In this photo on the right, the celosia flowers really stand out. Celosia is easy to spot in The Waterways garden because of its showy red leaves and feathery plume of red in the center. This flower is planted every year because residents told us it’s a favorite.

This year we’ve brought back red hibiscus shrubs because they were such a hit last year. Hibiscus are exotic flowers most people associate with Hawaii. You’ll also see yellow ones in the Waterways garden. The biggest fans of these flowers are our family of resident rabbits. They think hibiscus branches, leaves, and flowers are delicious!

In the photo, left, hibiscus are the large flowers closest to the stream. The smaller red flowers are ‘Dragon Wing’ begonias. These begonias aren’t as showy as hibiscus, but they are very reliable bloomers and recover quickly from storms and other stresses.

In this photo on the right, a mix of textures and shapes makes a beautiful view from one of the walkways at The Waterways of Lake Saint Louis. The tall big-leaved flowers are cannas. This variety of cannas has red petals with yellow edges.

The burgundy-colored bush is a ‘Wine & Roses’ weigela. There are several of these spread around the our garden. Near the bottom of the photo you see alternating dark pink and orange flowers. These are New Guinea impatiens. They make a great shape contrast to the cannas. Using “hot colors” such as bright red, orange, and pink really gives this flower bed pop!

Can you identify any of the flowers in the photos, below? If you want to know more about any plants in The Waterways of Lake Saint Louis flower garden, just ask!

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